I Open at the Close - The Winter Season

For me, entering a new year has always come with its share of heavy reflections on the past and thoughts of the future. I think this is a common theme, as we tend to talk a lot about new years resolutions and setting goals for the coming year. 

It seems we often find ourselves keeping to those goals for a few weeks or even months, yet struggle to find real lasting change as time goes on and another year passes.

This time around– with nature and seasonality being so heavy on my mind – I’ve begun to shift my perspective on this new year concept. Seasons are, indeed, great markers of time passing. Studies have shown that seasons can actually help us to start a project or finish something we started because we feel the passing of time projected by a seasonal change outdoors. 

The natural cycles of life occur in many forms and in many layers – but we see them so clearly defined in seasonal cycles. What stands out most particularly to me, though, is that the new year begins in winter - the season of death. 

Winter is a season in which the earth dies and decomposes, energy moves inward, animals are hibernating – and yet, here we begin a new year. As we all know, winter is preparation for spring – rebirth. So, how then do we prepare in the new year for our own rebirth?

Maybe it’s not new year’s resolutions that need our attention during this time, but actually the stillness of letting what no longer serves us die. Lasting change only occurs when we are truly ready to take the next step. Often times, however, we want to make a change but skip the part where we face what has been holding us back in the first place – a fear, perhaps.

Fear of change and the unknown is what I believe drives our resentment of the winter season. Stillness and self-reflection sound nice, but when it comes down to it, most of us would rather stay distracted and busy with the illusion of progress with no real change.

This season I invite you to approach the new year from a new place. Rather than setting intentions for change and striving toward goals, maybe start by letting things go. What is it time to let die in your life? That may be what’s needed for rebirth to take place.

Despite the solemn stillness of winter, there’s great beauty to be found within this time of quiet. Once again, on January 26th, we will be hosting our next seasonal living workshop + farm meal at Looking-Glass House & Farm. The day will be a perfect opportunity to refresh your mind and body, shake the winter-time-blues, and enter the new year with intention & a renewed sense of connection. 

For more information and to register, please visit our “Farm Events” page.