"Humans have become the dominant species on the planet, largely through the mastery of language, logical reasoning, and other left-brain skills. But evolutionary success comes at a cost – humans are increasingly disconnected from one another, from the world, and even from their own emotions. We regret the past and fret about the future. 

Horses can help us reconnect with others and the universe itself, rediscover peace and mindfulness, and become our best selves."

— Allan J. Hamilton, MD (author of Zen Mind, Zen Horse)

audrey tango


Although the use of horses in both physical and mental therapies has become more commonplace these days, I believe horses are our sage, our partners, but not our tools. 

In my sessions, we will explore and deepen our relationship with ourselves through our relationship with the horses. The horses' wellbeing remains at the center of our work, as we are helping each other – both horse & human. This is mostly through non-action-based types of being and reflecting, and almost all of our "activities" are done at liberty. 

No horse experience required.