Like many young girls, there was one thing that Audrey asked Santa for every year: a horse. It soon became a family joke that every Christmas morning, her Dad would excitedly tell her to check the backyard.  After a few years of disappointing results, Audrey stopped running to the window in hopes of finding her new, four-legged best friend. She did, however, eventually convince her parents to gift her a few riding lessons.

Though she loved every moment she spent with the horses during those lessons, she wasn’t champing at the bit to partake in the glamorized horse shows her friends seemed to take such pleasure in. Instead, Audrey dreamed of sleeping on the beach with a wild and mysterious horse — one that might see into her soul, and invite her to ride bareback through the waves — much like the relationship between Alec and Black from one of her favorite movies, The Black Stallion.

Upon the realization that her parents couldn't support this endeavor, the dream began to slowly slip away — although it always lived somewhere still, in the back of her mind, through her transition into adulthood.

One thing her parents did support, however, was her love of art and music. Her Father being a musician and photographer, and her Mother a visual artist — Audrey’s sisters and she always had plenty of encouragement and training to unfold their natural, artistic gifts. Audrey studied piano, voice, visual art, and acting — and eventually came to earn her BA in Music Management, with a minor in Theater. While studying acting at the Method Studio in London, Audrey developed a strong interest in understanding human emotions, and how they manifest through our actions and words. She was taught to start peeling back the societal-trained layers that cover our authentic self, and learn to become comfortable in vulnerability. Honesty was the underlying framework of method acting, and this epiphany began several years of deep, soul-searching and personal growth.

Audrey moved to New York City, where she began a photography studio called Desert Raven Photography. By now it was clear to her that every passion she pursued was based in human expression — and although the pressure to find a more financially secure job was always there, the resistance seemed necessary to her soul.  Still, the subtle call of the horses would periodically creep back into her mind - sometimes when she least expected it. And although that dream was still alive inside of her, a way to integrate horses into her life seemed an ongoing mystery that she couldn’t quite solve.

The discovery of Equine Facilitated Learning and Psychotherapy fell suddenly into her lap one day when her Mother passed on an article she had read in a magazine. It seemed as if the universe was showing Audrey a sign. Emotional work with horses as teachers made sense to her right away, and by the time she finally found Horse Spirit Connections, she was determined to make this a part of her life.

Since graduating as a FEEL practitioner, Audrey has acquired her Holistic Life Coach certification, and continues to deepen her toolset  for helping people achieve a balanced, fulfilling life. She has continued to be amazed at the spiritual and emotional depth she has gained through being with horses. Their ability to share significant and insightful wisdom with humans is a truly unique gift — a sort of magic that lies in the spaces between our words, and a truth that can only be understood through experience. 

Audrey Daniel