Spring & Summer - Seasonal Living Workshop + Farm Meal

Our seasonal living workshop was a perfect way to shift into the seasons of spring and summer. This being the third in our seasonal living series – and a two day event – we really got the opportunity to deeply explore living in accordance with nature.

Each time I’ve hosted this event I’ve been blown away by the group’s transformation and understanding by the end. Many people come out to the workshop because they just want to get back into nature and set aside some much needed “me time”.

The slowing down and reconnecting to our senses can be enough in itself for a rejuvenating and refreshing experience. However, by the end I find that many people are walking away with much deeper insights and feelings of inner-peacefulness than they previously anticipated (including myself).

As always, I was joined by amazing holistic teachers and collaborators that made this weekend a truly memorable one.

This workshop series is uniquely something that can only really be understood through the experience of it. That being said, below is my attempt to take you through a quick summary of the workshop to give you an idea of how it all came together.

Participants meet the herd & explore their intuition.

Participants meet the herd & explore their intuition.

We began the weekend activities with meeting the herd – an exercise where participants get the opportunity to intuitively examine the horses for the first time.
In my equine-guided learning model, I teach participants about the way horses use energy, body language, and intuition to sense a threat or communicate between the herd.

Next, participants created watercolor mandalas using foraged pieces of nature as their paintbrushes. Mandalas are an excellent mindfulness tool and creative way to let what’s happening in the moment flow out of you.

Acupuncturist & herbalist, Britanie Kessler, led us through ways in which participants could stay happy and healthy in spring and summer through the lens of Chinese medicine. We traced meridians, used essential oils on acupressure points, and learned how nature guides us on necessary lifestyle shifts during the seasonal shifts.


We also learned tools for staying authentic and present throughout the seasons. I discussed authenticity through the lens of nature and animals – and Kit McDaniel taught us about our authentic body, and how to use simple exercises for healthy awareness during spring and summer.


We ended the first day with a seasonal guided meditation, followed by an incredible farm-to-table supper.

Sean Sigmon of Folklore PDX cooks a vegan meal over live fire during the workshop.

Sean Sigmon of Folklore PDX cooks a vegan meal over live fire during the workshop.

Britanie Kessler spoke about seasonal eating for wellness, and chef Sean Sigmon conveyed his passion for seasonal, local food of the earth and told us about his approach to cooking.

We ended day one gathered around the supper table – sharing the incredible plant-based meal and taking in a feeling of peace and openness.

Kit started off the second day by leading us through seasonal restorative movement in the fresh air.


We practiced becoming present in our environment and noticing the changes of the season around us.

Then, Briana Thorton of Aesthete Tea guided participants through a workshop in blending their own seasonal tea blends. She shared about her tea and the depth of connection to the natural elements and their medicinal properties. Every participant was intuitively led through the practice of smelling, making, and tasting their own tea mindfully.


After tea blending we dove into a beautiful conversation about the emotions associated with the season, and how to interpret our emotions as helpful information from the environment – there to guide us and keep us safe.

Afterwards, Brianna Sas of Elixir Field Wellness took us through an enchanting and healing sound bath in the barn.


We ended the weekend of learning and connection with Wu Wei in the herd. It’s always an amazing experience to witness the group become one with the animal herd, feel their connection to the environment, and get into their intuitive bodies. A sense of calm and openness seems to flood the pasture as we flow in the moment together.



Audrey Daniel / Soul Equine

holistic life coach + nature guided learning facilitator


Kit McDaniel

movement + embodiment strategist

Britanie Kessler

acupuncturist + herbalist

Briana Thorton

Aesthete Tea

Brianna Sas

Elixir Field Wellness

Sean Sigmon

Folklore PDX

Saturday’s photography by Briana Morrison

Sunday’s photography by Twin Muse