Oct. 20 Seasonal Workshop + Farm Meal

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Oct. 20 Seasonal Workshop + Farm Meal


Join us for the first in our seasonal workshop + farm meal series: FALL

Cozy up and enjoy the crisp air, nature sounds, and a delicious, fall-inspired, family style meal on the farm.

Together we’ll learn how to be present and aware in our environment as it informs us through the seasons. 

This is a seasonal workshop where we will:

  • EXPLORE living in accordance with the seasons through the lens of Nature + Chinese Medicine

  • DISCOVER our inner guide through our environment & immersion with the animal herd

  • LEARN practical, take-away tools for staying healthy & shifting perspective with the seasons

  • SHARE an organic, curated, farm-to-table seasonal meal prepared on the farm during our workshop

When & Where:

Saturday, October 20, 2018 - 10:00am - 3:00pm

@ Looking-Glass House & Farm

14660 NW Parson Road, Forest Grove

Workshop Hosts

Audrey Daniel (Soul Equine), BA – certified Holistic Life Coach & FEEL Practitioner.

Because we live in a society where we are totally consumed by future plans, thoughts of the past, and constant expectations, it can be really challenging to tap back in to our intuitive nature. But ultimately, we are all born with an inner-wisdom that can guide us to peace and happiness in the present moment.

I’m a holistic life coach specializing in equine and nature guided learning. I facilitate experiences, grounded in mindfulness, for people with nature & animals on my farm. We are able to use horses not only as a mirror to what we are experiencing in the moment, but also as an example of our deep intuition. I love this work because it’s really the foundation of everything. I don’t have to tell you, you always possess your own wisdom – I’m only here to guide you back to it.

Britanie Kessler (Wild Hearts Wellness), LAc. – licensed acupuncturist and herbalist.

Britanie focuses on improving the health of the whole person.  She pursues her passion for healing from a holistic perspective after 10 years of working in the medical technology industry. She achieved her Master's degree from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.  She first received her BS in Psychology from Clemson University in her home state of South Carolina.  

In her 7 years in the Northwest, Britanie has been exploring her love for the outdoors, food, people, music and adventures. She uses these experiences to guide her practice of helping people to live healthy, happy and harmonious lives.

Britanie enjoys working with patients based on their individual lifestyle and personal health goals. She specializes in TMJ disorders, postpartum care, and has begun a focus on autoimmune disorders.


Valerie Noell of The Eternal Child

Style + Photography

Valerie Noell is a creative director and photographer focusing on artistic, intentional story-telling and thought-evoking experiences.  She creates under her lifestyle company, The Eternal Child, which focuses on exploration and gathering together to feed the mind and soul with good food and creativity. Valerie produces print and online media surrounding this concept, along with curating artful gatherings and immersive workshops. Her work is thoroughly connected with the earths natural elements, pulling from nature wherever she may be. She specializes in design and development, surrounding food and atmosphere, working with different brands and artisans.  As a photographer, she focuses on lifestyle and the artistry of food, portraiture, still-life and nature. Her work is driven to evoke emotion if it be either captured within a photo, or laid across a table to experience.

Shauna Galante of Secret Language

Chef + Menu

Secret Language is a home I’ve carved out to explore my own creative approach to everyday eating: rooted in the micro-seasons of local plants, inspired by global flavors, and carefully engineered for total body happiness. You know that moment where you push your empty plate away and feel as if every individual cell you’re made of is humming with gratitude? That’s the moment we’re after here, every time.

Vibrant Valley Farm


We are women who are dedicated farmers and passionate educators committed to exploring innovative solutions to enliven the current food system, both locally and globally. We work to honor ancient traditions in growing food and connecting to the land as well as to helping to create healthier communities.

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