Jan. 26 – Seasonal Workshop + Farm Meal

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Jan. 26 – Seasonal Workshop + Farm Meal


Join us for the second in our seasonal workshop + farm meal series: WINTER

Cozy up and enjoy the cool air, nature sounds, and a delicious winter meal on the farm.

Together we’ll learn how to be present and aware in our environment as it informs us through the season of winter. 

This is a seasonal workshop where we will:

  • EXPLORE living in accordance with the season

  • DISCOVER our inner guide through our environment & immersion with the animal herd

  • LISTEN to our body and what movement it needs for the season

  • LEARN practical, take-away tools for staying healthy & shifting perspective with the season

  • SHARE a tea tasting + an organic, farm-to-table seasonal meal prepared on the farm during our workshop

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